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August 2022  Vol. 25

Our very own Chief Technology Officer of CampTek Software,Peter Camp joined Senior Director of Revenue Cycle Transformation at Cleveland Clinic,Bob Gross and Co-founder heading strategy for Founda, Jeroen Nettenfor a webinar on FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) and the ability to transform healthcare organizations through the implementation of intelligent, scalable automations.   
The advanced capabilities that FHIR offers can change the way healthcare enhances interoperability of systems and builds on the next generation of Intelligent Automations. Both Founda and CampTek are exploring potential solutions that incorporate both scalability and security.  

The discussion focused on the need for this technology throughout healthcare and the Cleveland Clinic. In addition, there was conversation on how the use of FHIR can enhance the capabilities of attended automation.  The use case around providing Notice of Admission documentation from payers came to the forefront as there is a lot of data needed in many places in an EMR.  Currently, teams of people have to manually collect this data and it was agreed that using a Bot to do this was not efficient at scale.   

To summarize, the session was really beneficial, and the group will be collaborating further as the implementation and rollout of this standard becomes more pervasive.  There will be other follow-on webinars in the future, please let us know if you would like to be invited!  

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We're personalizing the chatbot experience!

If you find yourself screaming to "speak to a person!" then this initiative is right for you. Chatbots are obvious to spot but when we added RPA to the equation, the bot became more personable with client/patient details, names, etc. Of course, in some way you'll have to confirm your identity before we bring those details to the chat but once the bot confirms it's you, you're off and running with a user-friendly experience that allows you the flexibility to get your information or task complete without having to call. 

chatbot gif

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RPA as a Service is Not New or Unique

Is an RPA platform or is a Partner most important when starting or continuing your automation journey? 

This is a question we are often asked, and the answer isn’t always clear.  As RPA started to take off in 2016/2017 the focus was on enterprise RPA vendors, e.g. UiPathAutomation AnywhereBlue Prism and others. They all made promises that the technology would just work with little-to-no guidance or support, that they had a very clear and immediate ROI and the solutions would be built resiliently. Large ISP’s treated RPA similar to the way they implemented other enterprise technologies: throw resources at the problem with either too much strategy or not enough.  I’ve read a statistic out there that says close to 50% of RPA projects fail.  You can appreciate why this is the experience of too many. Often times, reasons that automations aren’t successful is because: a) there is not enough definition around the overall need and/or b) there is a lack of understanding of how to identify, create, and continue discovering more processes to automate.  As I have shared before, the main reason I started CampTek Software, was because there is an obvious need for “support.” The bots need to be supported for their entire life cycle, from the analysis/discovery phase, development, testing/acceptance, and through production/hyper care, and legacy support.   

Lately there has been a lot of talk about RPA Managed Services or Automation as a Service etc. as the “next step” in the lifecycle of RPA. The truth is anyone who understands the technology and has successfully built a longstanding automation program has either created an internal managed services or has relied on an external managed service provider like CampTek Software to help them with managing technical debt, minimizing costs and providing a reliable backbone to automate their enterprise.  I started this business close to five years ago as I understood the capabilities of these RPA platforms, as well as their limitations, but also recognized the opportunity to provide value-added support services to ensure that the bots created are given the long-care they need.   

While it’s exciting to hear that even the RPA software vendors are understanding the need to provide a managed service component for their technology, the truth of the matter is that there are RPA service providers/partners have long-been successful in providing a managed service component since the beginning, because, truthfully, that was what has always been needed. You can’t build a bot and not have the structure, and tools in place to support it. 

Bottom Line: Companies are now jumping on to the latest trend, who should you trust your mission critical bots to? 

-Peter Camp, CTO & Founder, CampTek Software

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Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 09-26-51 Cerner Encounter Payer Validation Case Study - CampTek Software

Cerner Encounter Payer Validation Case Study

Real RPA Case Studies, Real Verifiable Solutions

Streamlining Eligibility Processing with RPA
Industries: Healthcare, RCM, Insurance
Systems: Cerner
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Facts about this Bot:

  • Number of payers: 4 (Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, United Healthcare)
  • Exception handling: The bot handles 10 business rule exceptions, 4 manually thrown system exceptions and any other random system exceptions
  • Transactions per month:  11000-14000
  • Saves over 1000+ hours a month in manual hours


A leading healthcare provider with over 50 hospitals needed to streamline its eligibility process utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)CampTek Software, with its experience in Healthcare (RCM) and more importantly the Cerner PFS system, instituted its RPA full life cycle methodology to design the automation successfully within weeks with great success. 

Full-time employees had to manually enter an encounter number, name and several other demographic information for over 670 patients daily. The workflow had many steps and variables that added to the overall complexity. The process it manages 4 payers: Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, United Healthcare and includes business rules and exceptions for each.


By utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), CampTek Software was able to automate the entire process. The timeline from analysis, development, client acceptance and then into live production was a roughly four weeks from start to finish. The 13,000+ claim checks per month runs daily and has shown to dramatically reduce A/R days with very high successFTE hours saved is averaging 542/month. The Bot types data into 30 fields and loops through images and handles unexpected errors in Citrix. With the success of this first RPA Bot in only one of its Central Business Organizations, the customer now plans to roll it out to an additional 21 CBO’s. 

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We're hiring for three amazing roles:

  • Senior RPA Developer
    We are looking for a talented individual to help us lead, advise upon, and develop high impact automation development projects for our customers.
  • Sales Account Executive
    We are looking for a talented individual to help us lead, advise upon, and develop a high impact sales lead pipeline.  This is an excellent ground floor opportunity with a fast-growing SaaS provider.  The right candidate should be willing to immerse themselves in all aspects of the business.
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