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December 2022  Vol. 29

I still cannot believe 2023 is just a couple weeks away. It's been a beyond incredible year for CampTek Software, not to mention RPA. We've partnered with some of the leading innovators in the automation space, we've watched our thought leadership expand exponentially, and are experiencing first-hand that RPA is becoming more and more accessible as a solution for our current and future customers. We started 2022 with a full team and returning customers eager for more automation solutions. Over the year we've hired new Account Executives, Developers, and Business Analysts and are going into 2023 having expanded our support and service offerings and grown our customer base by approximately 50%.

It is my hope that more companies, healthcare service providers, and other industries see the power and reach of robotic process automation coupled with ongoing support. I've always said, and will continue to say, RPA is a band aid without proper support. Don't miss out on getting your automation journey started in 2023! We hope you'll join us in making work more enjoyable by automating repetitive tasks.

Peter Camp, CTO & Founder, CampTek Software

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Case Studies with Bot Demos were a HUGE hit this year! We love that you loved them so here is a list of our top Case Studies from 2022:

Epic Case Study Images
Cerner Revenue Cycle
Basware and Goods Procurement
Physician Assistant
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This year we successfully implemented Task Mining for a large healthcare customer in the tri-state area. Our three discovered automations are projected to save the customer just under a million dollars in year one, not to mention the extra time for employees to spend processing other tasks and working with patients. 

So, what is Task Mining? "UiPath Task Mining uses a data-driven approach to gain deeper understanding of tasks employees perform on their desktops to identify process improvement areas and automation candidates.​" CampTek works with your chosen department and volunteer team to implement and run Task Mining on their desktops or virtual machines. Recording is structured around a set of defined limitations and permissions set by your team with your CampTek Project Manager. 


process mining
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Executive Dashboards

After the launch of their first bot, our customers have access to our customizable Executive Dashboard which includes various KPI's to track your automation success! Every bot you launch will be added to your Dashboard for you to track your automation success. 

UiPath Marketplace

We're listed on UiPath Marketplace! Business Solution Automations available on UiPath Marketplace are easily repeatable automations that can work out of the box or with varying amounts of customization at any institution. The available automations by CampTek Software currently are:
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Our newest partners are world class in their fields. We've signed partnerships with them knowing they are able to provide the highest quality services in revolutionizing healthcare, document reading, and claims statusing.

Click their logos or watch the demo reels to learn more!  

indico dadt




Demo Reel Coming Soon!

claim capital
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