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June 2022  Vol. 23

CDaaS Case Study (1)

Earlier this year, I left a career in Higher Education to join CampTek Software as their Operations Manager. My background was the least technical and my first assignment was to complete the UiPath Citizen Developer Training with our supporting documents and assistance from the CampTek team.

For obvious reasons, I was overwhelmed but excited to get started. The CampTek Citizen Developer Handbook was incredibly helpful in navigating the trainings and technical terms. The final training session was an opportunity to build a bot from scratch. The assignment is actually fun, and I spent my Friday night creating and running a bot who generated and saved "unicorn" names. 

Prompted by the training, I created a list of names in excel and a bot to pull the name off excel, enter it into a website, run the "unicorn name generator", and save the name to the excel sheet. By the end of the night, friends were requesting I run their "unicorn" names!

That's a fun example of course. Once you take the training you can automate parts of your day. Downloading pdf's from emails and saving them to folders? Automate it! Copying and pasting data back and forth all day? Automate it! Looking to figure out a list of unicorn names? Automate it!  

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RPA Needs Support to Thrive

Back in the halcyon days of 2018 when RPA was generating massive buzz and UiPath was being recognized as a possible Unicorn, many large companies were starting their RPA journey.  Some used partners and others chose to create their own Center of Excellence.  Some hired a development team composed of consultants to build their first bots. The focus was entirely on the “build” and not what happens after this Bot has gone into production. The way RPA was pitched at the time, was that anyone could build a bot and it will do whatever it’s instructed to do. RPA was being positioned like typical enterprise software, like SAP or any other platform. Once it’s implemented it should just run with minimal support.  The fact of the matter is that once the Bot is in production, its life is just beginning.

That is why I started CampTek Software.  In my time in automation before it was called RPA, I had seen RPA work well in some cases and not so well in others.  The biggest success factor was and continues to be, how much support these bots are given. I began working in this space in the early 2000’s and back then automation tools were sold with an enablement (train the trainer) approach.

  1. Buy the tool
  2. Get trained to use and build on it
  3. Good luck and call support if there are problems with the software

That’s great but literally 1 out of 20 customers were truly self-sufficient.  Many of these customers were constantly logging support tickets because they couldn’t get the automation to work properly.  There were a myriad of things that could and did go wrong related to lack of knowledge, complex applications to automate, the software tool didn’t work etc.

As time moved on to the mid 2010’s many of those people that were getting trained to support this technology were let go and not part of the budget for IT. Essentially those resources were gone.  The burden to build and “support” these automations fell on the software vendor and not on the company who was using said software.

So fast forward to 2018 when UiPath Orchestrator and rose to prominence and the idea of a robot for every person became prevalent.  The difference from the earlier times was the software was now much more reliable and scalable.

I immediately realized that RPA was about to take off and the “sell and build” model had a fatal flaw that could doom the promise of the technology.  RPA at scale requires A LOT of support. Automation was going through a massive paradigm change.  I realized that this technology had finally come of age to suit the enterprise vs. the one or two bot model. Instead of managing individual bots on a handful of virtual machines, we are now able to manage and connect thousands of bots together.

All of this won’t be possible without support to make RPA thrive.  Turns out my hunch was spot on!

-Peter Camp, CTO & Founder

General Project Progression

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SAP ChatBot Integration with RPA

Real RPA Case Studies, Real Verifiable Solutions

SAP Contact Center and AI ChatBot Integration
Industries: Retail, Supply Chain, HR, Accounting, Call Center
Systems: SAP


A Fortune 500 consumer products company needed to speed up its contact center SAP/ChatBot integration workflow for the upcoming Black Friday event and holiday season. CampTek Software, with its expertise in automating systems like SAP, was able to institute its RPA full life cycle methodology to design, build, test and rollout the solution within weeks to achieve Day One Return on Investment. 

SAP and the Chatbot are disparate systems, therefore the contact center agent had to manually do an account lookup, account update, or execute a new, full contact registration in their SAP CRM System servicing the customer through chat or on the phone. This tedious effort increased call times and customer dissatisfaction. The mission critical process was done by hundreds of contact center agents at a rate of 1,000+ transactions per day.


By utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), CampTek Software was able to automate the entire process. Based on the customer information and need received by the ChatBot, the backend RPA bot performs the requested task within the SAP CRM system. This information is then fed to the ChatBot to deliver the appropriate response. The integration between the two systems improved call time and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the timeline from analysis, development, client acceptance and production launch was a roughly four weeks from start to finish. Daily, the SAP/Chatbot automated thousands of registrations and updates. In addition, contact agent hours saved is averaging 3000/month. Above all, the solution reduces agent load and customer wait times but also improves contact resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

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We've implemented Task Mining!

There are now multiple ways we can reach your automation potential.

Process Capture or Scoping is an exercise where automation potential has already been realized. Meaning, we know where in your company's day-to-day there are opportunities to automate. During Process Capture, we schedule a scope call with you and a member of your team who is well versed in the process we're looking to automate. That person will walk us through that process step by step on a recorded meeting (zoom) and from that, our developer team will build a Process Design Document for your approval. 

Task Mining is slightly more involved but not invasive to your day-to-day. During Task Mining, the automation potential has not been realized yet. Meaning, we don't know where the repeatable steps are, but we know there is potential. We work with UiPath and your IT team to import the Task Mining software onto the desktops of volunteers selected by you. We'll work with your volunteers on what to expect for the period of time we will be Task Mining. The process will last 10 - 30 days depending on the frequency of work for the volunteer group. Each day during a pre-determined period Task Mining will be turned on by a CampTek Admin. At that point, the volunteers accept recording and will start their work (volunteers also have the option to pause recording should they need to move into another process). After the recording period is over, CampTek will review the recordings and determine where the automation potential is and what your ROI will be on the RPA implementation. 


Check your Stats with our Executive Dashboard!

Watch your bots stats in real time. Our Executive Dashboards are customizable to your needs and will update regularly as your bot moves through its automation. 

Below are some of our Dashboards and their accompanying Case Studies!

ecw Rev Cycle Bot ED

eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Bot Case Study

Industries: Healthcare, RCM, Accounting

Systems: eClinicalWorks, eCW EHR