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November 2022  Vol. 28

This year has flown by! We can't believe it's already Thanksgiving and 2023 is just around the corner. CampTek has so much to be thankful for and it all starts with you, our customers, subscribers, movers and shakers. We wouldn't be where we are today without your support and understanding for what we believe in: the power of RPA and continued support. 

We'll keep this newsletter introduction short because our December issue is a full year in review! What have we been up to?! Stay tuned!

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Please join us in welcoming our two new Account Executives! We're so excited to have them on our team and we look forward to growing CampTek Software!

Melissa Theriault - Meet me on Linkedin!

Hometown: Marblehead, MA

Hobbies: gym, horses, golf

One item on your bucket list: African safari

Favorite Food: chocolate 


Stephen Devereaux - Meet me on Linkedin!

Hometown: Barrington, RI

Hobbies: going to sporting events, running, working out, traveling 

One item on your bucket list: go tornado chasing! 

Favorite Food: mashed potatoes 

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Why Wait, It's Time to Automate!

Earlier this year we asked one of our early RPA adopter customers for a reference for one of our prospects.

The customer asked the prospect, “What are you waiting for, why not automate now?”

They answered, “We’re waiting for three months to see how our operations are going into the 2nd quarter.”

The customer said, “That’s too late, by then you won’t have a chance to deal with the operational backlog, never mind automate it.”

It’s a really a good point. We often wait too long before we start something.  One of my favorite Peloton instructors often says if you “…waited until you were ready you will never be ready.”.  It’s really true.  If we put this into context in and around automation (i.e., Robotic Process Automation (RPA)) the facts are pretty cut and dry.  There is a massive productivity gap.  People aren’t being utilized properly.

Throw in the labor issue which involves people leaving the workforce, finding new jobs and, with inflation at record levels, we are under great duress. Not to mention the slow recovery from the COVID pandemic, businesses have been stung hard and will continue to be pressed to keep their operations in check and start to build back their revenue.

What if you could do both with one broad stroke?

Our best prospects are the ones that can see the writing on the wall. They come to us with urgency and a real understanding of what automation can do for them. They see that hiring people is exceedingly difficult right now and probably will get worse as more options in the gig economy and flexible work situations continue to expand. The pandemic did many things; one of them was to flip the script on the employer and employee dynamic. The worker now has more leverage than ever before and isn’t beholden to geography and salary. That means quite a bit and has long standing implications on the “future of work.”

As an example, let’s dissect the concept of the “business of being busy”. Let’s start with printed/pdf docs that get manually processed. Loads of different industries and businesses use paper, pdf or emails that contains important data. There is very little reason any of these items should be processed by a human to be entered into a system of record. The technology is so robust and affordable, it makes little sense to include this task in a staff member’s job description.  So now, if the employee is free of manual processes they can focus on revenue- generation tasks.

There are numerous bots we have created that have eliminated the need for manual data entry in all places across an enterprise. There are solutions that can tackle each touch point of an organization. I often say the goal is to “Make RPA Accessible for Everyone”, in practicality it is available and free to use, but its adoption to make it prevalent is not yet realized.

Bottom line, the time is now. And while the pandemic and subsequent world-wide issues that followed have expedited the need for RPA, we were always heading in the direction of automation. The technology and the access to that technology is there – whether you want to tackle a big automation project or a small one.  CampTek Software can help you and will be with you at every step of the way.

-Peter Camp, CTO & Founder

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Epic/Availity Claim Statusing Case Study

Real RPA Case Studies, Real Verifiable Solutions

Industries: Healthcare
Systems: Epic, Availity
EPIC Availity Claims Status Gif


CampTek Software recently worked with a large healthcare provider with fifteen hospitals in the Mid-West. The goal was to alleviate their RCM staff of 1,000 FTE’s of having to perform manual processes. After a quick analysis it was determined that Claim Statusing was a process that could be automated.  

As part of this daily process, Full Time Employee’s (FTEs) had to manually update Epic with claim status from Availity. The average number of claims was 54,000 per month. 


CampTek Software was able to analyze, design, build and place this bot into production within 4 weeks. The bot includes business rules and exception handling and reporting. The automated solution takes the manual process out of their hands so they can focus on other revenue cycle activities that before were not able to be addressed. 

The monthly hours saved: 2,652