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September 2022  Vol. 26

To say CampTek had a busy summer would be an understatement. Our Developer team worked tirelessly to build and support more bots then ever. Our Customer Success team went into overdrive scheduling scope calls, introductory calls, and making sure our current and future customers stayed up to date on RPA and their automation initiatives. Our CTO & Founder, Peter Camp was involved in a multitude of speaking engagements and partnership programs. The list goes on!

We're exhausted and it feels so good! 

The market is catching on to the benefits of robotic process automations (RPA) and we're thrilled to be on the leading edge of the technology. 

If you haven't yet booked an intro call, get in touch with us asap! We're ready for you!

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CampTek is expanding in more ways then one. We're excited to announce a few things in our September newsletter!

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We've partnered with Founda Health!

September 8, 2022, San Francisco: Founda Health, leading healthcare platform solution provider and CampTek Software, leaders in providing integrated technology systems announce the launch of a formal collaboration as part of a “Partner Development Program”. The multi-tiered partnership framework will enable Founda to provide healthcare-specific technology system solutions to CampTek’s existing and new partners, with the latter also co-developing new use cases and services solutions as per CampTek specific requirements. These services will be built by Founda’s technical team, sitting in the USA and in the headquarters in the Netherlands, on top of the current platform’s core capabilities.

Currently, CampTek Software successfully provides RPA and automation solutions to providers within healthcare, and with Founda’s platform, will be able to:

  1. Provide real-time data access in specific use cases.
  2. Integrate faster and more efficiently with an “outside-in” build methodology.
  3. Implement new solutions at a faster rate due to the integrate vs build solutions, with Founda offering the former in a cohesive, documented and self-enablement methodology.

“The need for interoperability and real time data within healthcare is enormous and is only getting more imperative.  We feel Founda’s approach to solving this problem is second to none in the technology industry.  As an automation solutions provider we are always looking for “best in breed technology” partnerships to solve the need for our present and future customers. Our team at CampTek Software is honored to be the first U.S. based partner of Founda and look forward to building something revolutionary within healthcare.”

-Peter Camp, CTO & Founder, CampTek Software


“We’re pleased to extend our U.S. footprint with CampTek Software, a reliable partner through whom the Founda Health Partner Network can unlock the potential of interoperability. This partnership will enable their customers to drive transformative change, manage health data movements, and innovate at scale – all within a global, interconnected healthcare ecosystem based on its unique requirements, standards and compliances.”

-Jeroen Netten, Co-founder and President, Founda Health (North America)



Founda Health empowers providers, digital health solutions, IT teams and payers via a scalable API infrastructure for healthcare. The solution improves organizational efficiency thereby driving growth and financial profitability. Built on modern healthcare standards such as FHIR, the platform is cloud-based, zero-trust and moves data efficiently across non-standardized interfaces without storing any of it. Powered by a translation engine that can transform data into standardized inputs compliant as per healthcare norms, we ensure the system works in real-time, seamlessly and interoperable. Built on a zero-trust, zero-storage technological framework.



CampTek Software is a Full-Life-Cycle RPA SaaS Provider. With industry experience developing and supporting RPA Automations in many verticals, the team has the expertise to support any Automation initiative that can be thought of. CampTek supports its partners and clients every step of your RPA Journey, having the necessary qualification to develop and support any RPA Process in a simple and repeatable approach. They also provide Bot and Hosted Support for all production processes. CampTek Software’s unique, hosted model offers many powerful advantages including a shorter time to market, 24/7 support and overall lower cost of entry.

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That's right, Vegas baby! In just a week, we'll be sharing best practices and meeting with current and future customers at the 2022 UiPath Forward5 Conference. We can't wait!

If you're going too, we want to meet you! Zoom is great, but nothing beats an in-person meeting. Check out our event page for more details and email us at to setup a meeting (we're open to poolside locations... just sayin').

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How to Prepare for a Scope Call

Scope calls are essential to the early development process of building our customers’ automation solutions. Scope calls are the event that officially kick-off the project. These calls allow the customer to present the process from the absolute start (logging into their system) to the finish and all clicks and type-in steps in between.

So, you’ve been scheduled for a scope call with CampTek Software. Now what?

Our dream scope call starts like this: everyone logs into the call, CampTek does a brief review of what we need on the call, we hit record, and a customer/client team member who is well versed in the process we will be automating goes through every screen, click, copy/paste, etc. from start to finish. Sigh, that sounds really nice.

In reality, often scope calls come with their own unique set of challenges: teams who aren’t fully aware as to why we’re meeting, , zoom* issues, the list goes on. It is our practice to send out a pre-scope email to provide an overview of what to expect on these calls. However, let’s review how to have a successful scope call.

Top three things needed for a successful scope call:

  • Talk to you teams! If there’s a scope call coming, alert the team of what is going on, what RPA is and why CampTek is meeting with them. We’re also happy to meet with the team prior to the call to review who we are and what we’re doing – however, it’s up to you to communicate with your teams and leadership on what is happening.
  • Select a superstar! Think of a scope call as a training session. It’s as if you’ve just hired someone completely new to your company and they need to learn everything from start to finish. When you select the team member who will be showing us the process you want to automate, select the person who knows the process well enough to teach it.
  • Be prepared to answer process questions. Our Developers have seen a lot of different processes, each one unique to its team and company, which means they’re going to ask a lot of questions. “What does that mean?” “Where did you get that information from?” “How do you know how to do this or that?” “How do you log into x system?”. The more information we can get in the call, the more accurate your Process Design Document (PDD)** will be.

Of course, we don’t expect anyone to have a perfect scope call. Each automation initiative is different and comes with unique challenges and opportunities. However, if our top three listed things above are accomplished, you might make our list of favorite scope calls!

A happy scope is a happy automation :)

-Gretchen Hyslip, Operations Manager

*CampTek Software prefers to use Zoom for scope calls due to clarity of recording. We will always have an NDA and BAA (when appropriate) in place prior to a scope call and will scrub any identifying personal data from the screens. We use the recordings for internal purposes, only and delete recordings on a regular basis. We are also Soc 2 Type II Certified. Read more on what that entails here.

**A Process Design Document (PDD) is like a training manual. We screenshot the process steps from the scope call recording, scrub any identifiers and build a PDD for you to review and sign off on. It’s essentially a guide from which we teach the bot from.

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Epic/Availity Claim Statusing Case Study

Real RPA Case Studies, Real Verifiable Solutions

Industries: Healthcare
Systems: Epic, Availity
EPIC Availity Claims Status Gif


CampTek Software recently worked with a large healthcare provider with fifteen hospitals in the Mid-West. The goal was to alleviate their RCM staff of 1,000 FTE’s of having to perform manual processes. After a quick analysis it was determined that Claim Statusing was a process that could be automated.  

As part of this daily process, Full Time Employee’s (FTEs) had to manually update Epic with claim status from Availity. The average number of claims was 54,000 per month. 


CampTek Software was able to analyze, design, build and place this bot into production within 4 weeks. The bot includes business rules and exception handling and reporting. The automated solution takes the manual process out of their hands so they can focus on other revenue cycle activities that before were not able to be addressed. 

The monthly hours saved: 2,652

Join Our Team

We're hiring for three amazing roles:

  • Senior RPA Developer
    We are looking for a talented individual to help us lead, advise upon, and develop high impact automation development projects for our customers.
  • Sales Account Executive
    We are looking for a talented individual to help us lead, advise upon, and develop a high impact sales lead pipeline.  This is an excellent ground floor opportunity with a fast-growing SaaS provider.  The right candidate should be willing to immerse themselves in all aspects of the business.
  • Marketing Intern
    Join our team to expand your marketing knowledge and help us build marketing campaigns, emails, ads, and social media!